Monday, July 8, 2013

I attended an amazing plein air workshop at the end of June. It was hosted by the Midway Art Association and the group braved the heat and painted outdoors from 9 am to 4 pm for three days. It was such a great experience. I learned so much from the instructor and my friend for many years, Bryan Mark Taylor,  and was able to paint and learn with a lot of other wonderful artists. I knew I needed questions answered to advance my understanding, but did not know what questions to ask. Bryan really knew exactly how to direct me the right way and how to answer questions I couldn't even formulate. Check out his amazing work at . 

Also, here are a few more paintings I don't think I've posted yet:

 In the Valley, 5" x 7"

 Oregon Coast, miniature study

Fields of Sunflowers, miniature study

Farm in the Valley, 6" x 8"

Cool Desert, 5"x7"

 Green Fields Fading, 5" x 7"

Fields for Dishwashing, 6"x 8"